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INDRadio( INDIAN Radio ) is a streaming radio Android application. It provides live stream radio stations for various Indian languages.
INDRadio is a successful application in iOS App Store for more than a Year. Today i am happy to bring the app in to Android Platform.
Key Features:
➤ Network Selection - User can choose wifi or cell network to play the audio stream
➤ Data Usage Control - Cell and WIFI Network data usage limit
➤ Equalizer control - User can enjoy the music by setting different equalizer effects
➤ Auto Network switch over - When ever WIFI network is available, application automatically switch over to wifi network from cell network with voice announcement and audio will be played continuously
Features List:
➤ Station List and Genre List will be updated every 24 hrs when preferred network is available
➤ Sleep Timer
➤ Favorite Station List (Language wise)
➤ Background playback
➤ Search the station from the long list
➤ Supports many Indian Languages
➤ Load only the preferred languages station list
➤ User can also synchronize the station list manually with server
➤ Equalizer Graphics Display
➤ Station List search feature is added. It will be easy to search the station list easily
➤ Station List/Language List update will happen in the background with out any pop-up dialog box
➤ Music stops when call comes, it automatically resumes when call ends
➤ Voice Announcement when network changes or any error occurs
◉ Automatic Network switch over (Cell ➽ WIFI or WIFI ➽Cell)
◉ Configured Network is not available
I hope you will like this application.
Application provides the live stations for the following languages
➤ Bengali
➤ Gujarati
➤ Hindi
➤ Kannada
➤ Malayalam
➤ Marathi
➤ Nepali
➤ Odia
➤ Tamil
➤ Telugu
➤ Urdu
and also
➤ Spiritual stations from all the languages
If you have any suggestion or feedback about this application, please reach me through any of the following channels.
Email ➜
Twitter ➜ @indradio_jpsasi
Facebook ➜
Please rate this application in Google Play Store.
!!!!! Happy Listening !!!!!



Version: 2.0.10

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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