Lilachham Vanma Swaminarayan

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The treasure of distinct and unprecedented transcendental happiness means
Sampraday’s first state- of-the -art-publication
Lilachham vanma…
The exceptional presentation of the pastimes of the Supreme personality of God - Lord Swaminarayan’s mounting on Manki and performing numerous pastimes in discrete locations.
Children and old, brothers and sisters, monks and householders, natives and foreigners- it will spellbound everyone just by glancing at it. Lord’s Murti will manifest within one’s heart. It will make you forget all the sorrows and satiate you with happiness. Numerous sins, distress and sorrows will pacify and the ocean of transcendental happiness will flourish. For that promptly look at Liachham vanma..
Inspire By P.P. Shree Gyanjivandasji Swami (Kundaldham)



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