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MobileDialer360 (MD360) is a dialer app for use with Android phones or tablets with internet connection via WiFi or 3G. Byte-saving features of MD360 enable it to reduce the volume of data transfer required for 1 minute of conversation by IP telephone to 259 kilobytes (upstream and downstream combined), making it extremely economical for use with data service for voice communication.
1. Download the MD360 software.
2. Configure MD360: Click the MD360 icon on the desktop, click Menu, click Settings, and set the following:
· PIN/Password = PIN obtained from your service provider
· Caller ID = leave blank (reserved for future use)
· Use WiFi = enable if you want to make calls using the WiFi connection
· Use 3G = enable if you want to make calls using 3G data service
· Use EDGE = enable if you want to make calls using EDGE data service
Make a call
1. Click the MD360 icon on the desktop.
2. Input the phone number beginning with the country code. Use the Delete button to delete the digit last digit if you make a mistake.
3. Click the Call button.
4. Have a conversation.
5. Click the Hang Up button to end the call.
View call records
1. Go to the main screen of MD360.
2. Click CDR.
3. Input the date range and click Search.
You need internet connection to view the CDRs.
Echo test
input *100* to test the call quality



Version: 1.0.8

Requires: Android1.5 or later


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