Multi Shot Timer Camera

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Multi Shot Timer Camera is an amazing Camera app where you can set Camera Timer to take a picture and you can also set how many number of pictures needs to shoot.
Multi Shot Timer Camera will take a pictures after given time interval and show you all pictures so you can select the picture which is looks great.
Multi Shot Timer Camera will help you to set a timer and number of pictures needs to shoot using Back and Front Cameras. This feature is awesome when you take a picture in a group or a selfie, you need not to bother to try to catch capture button and you can concentrate on your looks.
Multi Shot Timer Camera is very much useful when you take a group photo or a Selfie.
How to use:
Open Multi Shot Timer Camera app and select Time Delay, Select how many Pictures needs to capture and click on Camera icon. Now it will automatically capture number of pictures and show you all available snap so that you can select which one looks great.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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