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Phone number gives you disposable number to send and receive calls and texts privately, with high audio quality - we support hybrid communication line, assuring smooth conversation even with poor internet connection.Our system calls your real phone number first, then it calls the recipient, then it bridges the call, showing your disposable number as a caller id - the communication line is established between existing mobile and landlines operators, thus eliminating the need of high speed end user connection.
Phone Number does exactly what is says: it provides local renewable phone numbers at very attractive rates, just like any burner app. Our innovative approach grants you enterprise grade quality - you can take care of your business from any place in the world, even with very poor internet connection.Use it only if you need it, then throw it away - it's disposable and renewable.
You can search our database and get an easy to remember disposable number to send outbound calls and texts, you also need to configure call forwarding for your disposable number, so you can receive calls and texts( if supported by the number/country).
Remember, each phone number has different capabilities related to the country of origin - for example, some numbers cannot send and receive SMS( they can handle only voice connections), in addition some countries are limited to phone calls within the country( no international calls).
Your personal phone number will be no longer exposed. Now you can do your own business with privacy in mind.



Version: 1.6

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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