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Medical | 8.0MB


■ app downloads: Free
■ Some read books (reading test): Free
■ read books of all pages: pay
□ 1 month: 980 yen
□ 12 months: 10,000 yen (15% discount)
□ extra number: 1400 yen (100 yen discount)
※ in parentheses is the discount rate when compared to the paper version
◆ easy to read on your smartphone! Adopt a "reflow type design"!
Without the cumbersome operations such as scaling of the screen, you can comfortably browse in one hand
◆ in conjunction with Twitter, Tsubuyakeru on the paper surface!
Be to work with Twitter, you can tweet, such as the free thoughts and opinions on paper. It is read well as production untold story of Nurse Specialist editorial department?
◆ Auto download the book data
Automatically download data to the new book delivery date! You can read without hassle of manual operation
◆ WEB cooperative function which could not be achieved by the paper
When you tap such as a URL or QR code in the book, you can display the link destination of the information
◆ books in the search function
From all of the books you have purchased, you can batch search with the keyword you want to examine
◆ conveniently bookmarked
You can browse together after only a page and check the page you want to read
- Issued once a month, is 12 days before and after (the magazine version of the paper might be different)
- Will be charged at the time who your application
- Subscription in the middle of cancellation can not be
- Subscription will be automatically renewed. If you wish to continue automatic stop, we hope the procedure at Google's setting screen
- Subscription will be the subscription from the latest issue. Please note that you can not subscribe from the back numbers
(Please purchase in the "single buy" back issues)
- Magazine information is at the time the issue information. Such as contact link destination is there is a possibility that has been changed. Please note



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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