Root Chakra Cleansing 228Hz

Root Chakra Cleansing 228Hz

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Health & Fitness | 13.3MB | Update: 2017-10-26 | Version: 1.00 | Requires: Android4.1 or later

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Muladhara, the red chakra. For some, the most important of all; located at the base of the spine, it acts as the foundation for the energy that flows across your physical body.
To balance this chakra, we created Root Chakra Cleansing, an App that will allow you to play a 228Hz tone that will help you clear this energy center while meditating on it. This binaural isochronic tone can be made even more pleasant thanks to the 7 relaxing songs you can play in the background. The first one is free, while the others can be downloaded in the premium version. The titles of the tracks in our playlist are as follows, and can be used to heal your soul:

1. Mother Earth
2. The Roots
3. Footsteps
4. Dharma Practice
5. Tibetan Rite
6. Wisdom
7. Paths of Glory

To improve your experience, we added a timer to control exactly how long you will meditate. You can unlock it in the premium version.
So, why is Muladhara important, and why should we meditate on it? Muladhara is the first chakra, and its name can be translated from Sanskrit as “root support”. It is of peculiar interest to yogis; as proof of that, various kundalini yogic practices require you to incite the seed mantra laṃ in order to activate the first chakra. It is said that those who chant the seed mantra for one more than 100,000,000 will attain all the Siddhis (spiritual power) of the chakra itself.
According to the Sanskrit text Sat-Chakra-Nirupana by Purnananda Sawmi, by meditating on the red chakra, you will become “king of speech” and “free from all diseases”. On the other hand, having an over-active or under-active Muladhara may have severe repercussions on your relationships with your close ones. An over active first chakra will make you experience feelings of greediness, anger and even aggression towards some people or events in your life. An under-active one may make you feel disconnected from the world around you. You will lack focus and discipline. This is why you should start using Root Chakra Cleansing as soon as possible!
We hope you can improve your moments of harmony and serenity through this app. May it help you find peace and wellbeing through your seven chakras. For any suggestions, problems or requests, please contact us at
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