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Will Syria be divided? Will a Kurdish State appear? Will the tensions in the West Bank explode or calm down? Will Greece and UK leave the EU? Will Trump Make America Great Again? All of these are the challenges that will take place in the very near future in 2016-2017. These questions need to be answered, through a solid and long-term approach , don’t you think?
Young Diplomats is an online magazine explaining Geopolitics and International Relations. Most of the people today don’t understand geopolitics or think it is not interesting. explains in depth and with simple sentences what are the current challenges of the 21st century. No need to be an expert to understand. Our public is composed mainly of students interested by International Relations, but not from conventional medias.
Young Diplomats is composed of MAs and Phds holders from prestigious universities in the world and now working for International Institutions such as the UN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs , World Bank, NGOs or Security Firms.
Our team of writers and contributors are from 20 different countries. Our vision is different from traditional IR magazines. At the image of “Courrier International” in France that has immediately become very popular among the youths, Young Diplomats propose a fresh, different and long-term approach vision of current challenges that the world has to deal with.
A big advantage that YD has is the age of its writers, they are all in their late 20’s with high education. They are all born in the 90’s , and contrary to most of IR analysts they were not born during the Cold War Era. Therefore, their understanding of the world as a multipolar system and as a global village is more adapted to understand and analyzes new challenges.
Because we are increasingly connected and aware of what’s going on in the World ,-through analysis of Tunisian Social Networks- we oversaw that a revolution was about to appear in Tunisia, David Allouche , the CEO wrote about it and 4 months after it was the beginning of the Arab Spring. Again, after the Arab Spring, the analysis of David was still good when he oversaw the creation of the movement Tammarod in Egypt through social medias, and he said that it was a good thing that the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power, because the population would within three years chase them down because of their inability to run an economy and that a military leader would take place, and reduce the influence of the MB.” Everything David’s said, took place, still he was not published in any famous newspaper because they deemed the idea ‘unrealistic’.
YD writers are able to perform correct analysis and long-term base approach because of their ability to analyze and understand how social medias works.
For Example YD overseen a new intifada in the West Bank in the next year , and a conflict between Israel and the Hezbollah in the next 2 years. Also the rise of the moderate in Iran , would finally conclude to an agreement with the US and their Foreign Affairs ministry. However the deal would be cancelled if Trump won the US elections.
YD’s also Forecast Poland and Brazil to be the new regional leaders , and expects Russia and the Islamic States to slowly loose grip on their territory , mainly because of financial difficulties. Still they will not loose grip fast since the security apparatus is still strong.
If you are seeking for 21st century experts, with a modern vision of this increasingly connected world , where everyone is aware of what’s going on at the other side of the planet , this magazine is for you.
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